Cole's Puddings accomplish top marks for food safety.

To be in compliance with consumer protection regulations, food manufacturers need to fulfil strict safety, quality, and operational criteria. The Global Standard for Food Safety, published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), provides a basis for fulfilling these criteria.

The revised standard also introduces a new grading structure. This modification is designed to ensure that relevant non-conformities are recorded in greater detail and to make the top grade more exclusive. The top grade of AA is only awarded to manufacturers with excellent performance.

Tougher requirements for traceability apply especially to supplier management. Certified sites must not only maintain their own traceability system, but ensure that their suppliers also have an effective traceability system in place.

Cole's Puddings based in Great Chesterford has been awarded the highest rating of a global standard for food safety by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) with an "AA" grade.

The strict BRC inspection evaluates whether producers are adhering to a long list of industry set requirements on safe food production, packaging, storage and distribution. After two days of inspection in February, the experienced inspector concluded that Cole's met the requirements for the highest "AA" grade.

The Cole's team are delighted to maintain this result with our Technical Manager Paul Williams ensuring that all the systems are in place. The production team impressed the inspector with their knowledge and enthusiastic approach to food safety and quality.

Originally established in 1939 Cole's has managed to preserve traditional methods of making puddings combining with modern good manufacturing practice. Cole’s still make bread on a daily basis for use in their puddings, and steam the puddings slowly for up to 6 hours giving the puddings the best flavour and texture possible.

BRC is recognized as a leading Global Food Safety Initiative. This certification validates our commitment to continuous improvement and supplying our customers with only the highest quality product"